Hillary Dohoney is an artist based in Paris, France. Texas born, she has a BA in Studio Art and Art History at Trinity University in San Antonio. She received Trinity University's Excellence in Art Award upon graduation. She is currently an artist represented by Fort Works Art Gallery.

Hillary has been a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize. Conversant in French, she studied abroad in Paris in 2014 where she was a docent at the Musée d’Orsay and an official copyist of the Louvre.

Mainly working in oils, she takes the classical approach of trompe l’œil to render unconventional entities. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including in Paris, Miami, and New York.


Becalm is defined as a ship moored by the stillness of the sea. This series is a meditation of contrast, the churning of water and tranquility of mind. Each Becalm is a reaction and reflection of current events and inward struggles rather than being a physical location.