Adrift : Solo Show




Sept. 15th, 6-9PM

2100 Montgomery St, Fort Worth, TX
HOURS: tue-fri 11-5, sat 10-5, sun/mon CLOSED

Oct. 11, 2017, 6-7PM

Adrift is a meditation on the concept of home and its capacity to exist as an unanchored abstraction comprised of the people we are with and the stories we tell. The presented works utilize conjured seascapes to explore the drifting, transitory nature of home, a thing forever in flux, forever strived for.

Most of the seascapes reflect the artist’s personal shifting experience of home, but particular pieces focus on the stories of others. Five works feature small keepsakes and mementos of various friends & family. Rendered in the trompe l’œil style, the objects evoke in the subjects a nostalgic yearning for a lost past.

Four other works—parts of a series titled Hiraeth, a Welsh term suggesting homesickness for a home to which one cannot return, or which never was—further explore the shifting embodiment of home, in this case, that of refugees, forced to relocate. Their stories, gathered by the artist in interview form, inspire each seascape’s individual form and tone. Fragments of the interviews accompany the paintings.

Hillary DohoneyFort Works Art